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Staffing Overview

Headteacher                                             Mrs Jacquie Barber

Assistant Head and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)          Mrs Sue Oliver



Robins & Nursery Robins              RR    Miss Stephenson

Sparrows & Nursery Sparrows      RS    Mrs Simmonds

Wrens & Nursery Wrens                RW   Mrs Hackney


Year 1

Kingfishers                                       1K     Mrs Deary

Swallows                                         1S     Miss Brown


Year 2

Doves                                              2D     Miss O’Reilly

Swifts                                               2S     Mrs Baker


Year 3

Owls                                                 3O    Mrs Madin / Miss Oliver

Woodpeckers                                  3W    Mrs Parker


Year 4

Mallards                                           4M    Mrs Jones / Mrs Houghton

Puffins                                             4P     Mrs Tansley


Year 5

Kestrels                                            5K     Mrs McCullock

Oystercatchers                               5O    Mrs Hall


Year 6

Eagles                                              6E     Mrs Swain-Fossey / Mrs Walker

Ospreys                                           6O    Miss Oxford