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Safeguarding & Equality



Anti Bullying

Anti Bullying Policy Anti-Bullying Parents Flyer Derbyshire anti-bullying twitter page

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Equality Statements 1. To narrow the gap between boys and girls writing across the school. 2. To reduce prejudice and increase understanding of equality through the direct teaching across the curriculum. 3. To promote cultural development and understanding through a rich range of experiences both in and beyond school for all stakeholders. Equalities Statement (Policy) 2019 05

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Online Safety

Online Safety Factsheet 2019 03 Derbyshire anti-bullying twitter page Parental controls information E Safety Parents Pack      This is a pack of information with suggestions for keeping yourselves and your child safe on the internet. Reporting Abuse      If you are your child would like to report any abuse on the internet, this …

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Prevent duty guidance England Wales  Prevent strategy Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy Prevent Strategy Leaflet

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The designated safeguarding lead teachers are Jacquie Barber and Sue Oliver.   We will follow the procedures set out by the Derbyshire safeguarding children’s board. http://derbyshirescbs.proceduresonline.com/index.htm   In accordance with the above procedures, the School carries out an annual audit of its Safeguarding provision (S175 Safeguarding Audit, which is a requirement of the Education Act …

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Confidential Reporting Code (Whistleblowing Policy)

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