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Staffing Overview

Classes for 2017-2018

Classes for 2016-2017:


Mrs J Barber

Deputy Headteacher

Mr C Woodward

Teaching Staff

Nursery and Reception

Mrs A Parker (SLT)

Mrs C Buckler

Mr J Bailey

Year 1

Mrs A Deary and Miss S Toon

Mrs C Tansley

Year 2

Mrs C McCullock

Mrs R Baker (SLT)

Year 3

Mrs S Oliver

Mrs J Ehlinger

Year 4

Mr C Woodward and  Mrs C Hall (SLT)

Miss B Brown

Year 5

Mrs H Walker and Mrs L Swain-Fossey

Mr B Waddell

Year 6

Miss L Chant

Mrs S Oliver (SLT) and Mrs J Mills


Ms D Frith (SLT)

Clerk to the Governors

Mrs J Smith

School Business Manager

Mrs T Ward

School Business Officer

Mrs A Jackson

Senior Business Assistant

Mrs H Woodhead

School Business Assistant

Mrs J Simmons

Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs S Nadin

Mrs S Taylor

Miss C Wheeldon

Mrs T Buxton

Miss C Davidson

Mrs S Cooper

Mrs J Sowerby

Miss R Turnock

Miss B Legge

Miss H Proctor

Site Support Staff

Caretaker TBA

Mrs J Sowerby

Mrs J Ferguson

Mrs S Nadin

Miss B Legge

Miss C Wheeldon

Mrs P Furness

Mrs J McGrath


Ms S McDowell

Mrs L Peyton (Pastoral)

Mrs K Twaites

Mrs L Twigg

Teaching Assistants

Miss B Bigham

Miss H Bowen

Mrs J Crossland

Miss V Fell

Mrs P Furness

Mrs A Hague

Miss L Higginbottom

Mrs J Jeffcock

Mrs N Johnson

Mrs M Jones

Mrs S Longden

Mrs S Lowe

Mrs A Mellor

Mrs F Miller

Mrs C Mole

Mrs D Nicholson

Mrs V Parker

Mrs K Perkins

Mrs C Riley

Mrs H Scowcroft

Mrs P Waddell