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Accessibility plan 2018 05

Acceptable Use of IT for Pupils Policy


Administration of Medicines and Associated Complex Health Procedures 2013.08 V02 2018 06

Administration of Medicines Policy 2018 06

Admissions Policy 2018 05

Adverse Weather, Snow Closure Procedures – Parent information 2018 11

Anti Bullying Policy

Anti-Bullying Parents Flyer

Assessment for Learning policy

Attendance policy and Incentive Scheme

Avoidance of Disability Discrimination Policy

Behaviour and Rewards Policy 2018 05

Calculation policy 2018 05

Charging Policy 2018 06

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy V9 Sept 2018-2019 (1) 2018 09

Collective Worship Policy

Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Computing Policy

Confidential Reporting Code (Whistleblowing Policy)

Curriculum Policy

Drug Education Policy

Drug Incident Management Policy

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy

English Policy (Literacy)

Equal Opportunities Policy – DCC

Equalities Statement (Policy) 2018 05

External Contributors and Speakers Guidance for Schools

Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

Fire Safety Procedures – School Lettings (Appendix 5 to Health and Safety Policy) 2018 06

Fire Safety Procedures (Appendix 4 to Health and Safety Policy) 2018 06

First Aid Policy (Appendix 6 to Health and Safety Policy) 2018 06

Food and Healthy Eating Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

GDPR and Data Protection Policy 2018 11

Handwriting Policy

Health and Safety Policy 2018 06

Healthy School Policy Statement

Home-School Agreement UPDATED 2018 06

Inclusion Policy 2018 05

Information for Hirer (Appendix 1 to Lettings Policy) 2018 06

Internet Safety Flyer

LA Guidelines (Appendix 2 to Lettings Policy) 2018 06

Letting Charges (Appendix 3 to Lettings Policy) 2018 06

Marking and Feedback Policy

Maths policy 2018 05

Out of school Tuition Policy 2018 05

Parent protocol 2018 06

Photography and Video Recording by Parents and Carers

Physical Activity Policy

Physical Education Policy

Positive Behaviour Support including Physical Restraint (Appendix 7 to Health and Safety)

Presentation of pupils’ work policy

Privacy Notice – Pupils 2018 11

Privacy Notice – Staff 2018 11

Private Fostering Policy

PSHE and Citizenship Policy

Records-retention-periods 2018 06

Religious Education Policy

School Data Breach Procedure 2018 11

School Dinner Money Policy 2018 11

School E Safety Policy

Separated Parents Policy

Sex and Relationships Education

Smoke Free School Policy

Spelling and Phonics Policy

Sun Protection Policy

Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy