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Sports Premium

Sports premium update January 2017

We continue to use our Sports Premium funding, approximately £8000, to fund UK sports working with the children in PE sessions.

This ensures staff have continuous professional development and enhance their teaching skills on a weekly basis. It is not just used as cover for teachers. It has seen teachers confidence grow and their subject knowledge deepen.

We have an excellent working relationship with all the UK sports coaches and they ensure high quality teaching and learning. It has seen the engagement of all the children improve and the level of attainment improve and higher expectations from all teachers.

We can sustain this provision by using this funding to support the teaching and learning of PE skills in our school. It has also enabled teachers to develop their subject knowledge and feel more confident during their second PE session each week.

The impact is positive, subject specific funds have ensured quality provision and raising standards in the PE/Games curriculum.

It has seen our children become more active.

During the financial year 2016/2017 every school in the country has been given extra funding from the government to improve Physical Education in schools.

The government saw this happening in a number of ways: the money could be used to give teachers and teaching assistants more training in teaching PE; specialist sports coaches could be brought in to help increase the skill levels of staff in delivering PE; money could be spent on facilities and equipment for PE and sport in school; more children would take part in PE, therefore reducing obesity levels in children and promoting healthier lifestyles.

This money, £8000 per school, plus additional funding depending on the number of children in your school, was initially for one year but has now been extended for a further 4 years.

Chapel-en-le-Frith C of E VC Primary School

Impact of Sports Premium funding  2017

Sports premium total £9629

COSTS: CHS £1990 HPSP £710 UK Sports £9130

Overspend of £2121


Provision Impact
Michelle Heath the Primary link PE Teacher from Chapel-en-le-frith High School provides all the inter-school sports competitions.(Calendar of events attached)

UK Sports provide a member of staff to attend the events at CHS and we provide a volunteer.

The children in Key Stage2 (Except Year 6) have accessed almost every event.The children spend time with UK Sports at lunch time to ensure they are competition ready.


The children are encouraged to work as part of a team, playing a sport against other children from other schools. These skills give the children tools to tackle high school.  Our children have a visible increased self-esteem and confidence in themselves.


The need for children to take part in a part of physical activity benefits the children in a various ways. Kids who are active will:


1.      •have stronger muscles and bones.

2.      •have a leaner body.

3.      •be less likely to become overweight.

4.      •decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

5.      •lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

6.      •have a better outlook on life.

7.      Helps keep their mental state of mind healthy



Research shows ‘Pupils are likely to be half a term behind other pupils who attend a school where there is little or no competition’


(The researchers, Stephen Gibbons, Stephen Machin and Olmo Silva from the Centre of Economic Performance at the LSE, based their findings on 200,000 pupils at 2,400 primary schools in and around London.)


Michelle Heath spends 1 session for 6 weeks a year at CPS (a half term block one morning or afternoon session) to reinforce and embed good physical practise. Michelle plans and prepares for one year group, this year it has been EYFS. The EYFS children have embedded and developed their gross motor skills.Their throwing, catching, balancing and general gross motor skills have made significant progress over the 6 weeks Michelle has attended school
Dawn Richardson and Anna Flanagan from Buxton Community School provide inter-school competitions.They also provide support for the PE co-ordinator to work towards the ‘school sports mark’. This includes offering various CPD training in a wide variety of areas in PE. Dawn has met with the PE co-ordinator and The Deputy Head throughout the year, guiding and support CPS into achieving the’ school sports mark’.The PE co-ordinator has attended an after-school course to give support and guidance towards a gold level ‘school sports award’.This has helped to plan our PE and create an action plan
Description of work undertaken: Lunchtime sports club, CPD Sports Coaching & Dance tuition.Days & Times: ·       Mon / Tue / Wed 8:45am – 12pm.·       Fridays 8:45pm – 15:15pm.·       X1 fully qualified coaches each day who can deliver the PE curriculum (Invasion, net/wall, strike/field, athletics, dance, gymnastics, orienteering)·       X18 hours per week minimum.

·       Sports day planned and delivered X9 hours.

·       Play-leader training delivered X12 hours.

·       All equipment / props & resources provided for every session.

·       Full academic year lesson plans provided Reception – Year 6.

·       Individual assessments / monitoring reports to be done at the end of each term X10 hours.

·       Additional coaching hours available on request.

Costing: CPD £830 per month x 11 months = £9130

Total fee: £9130