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Equality and British Values

Values and Visions:

Our mission is “Learning for Life.” This supports, underpins and is reflected in everything that we do. We are a church Primary School and we work hard to embed the distinctive Christian ethos right through our school days, both in work and at play.

We learn about giving our best and working hard whilst remembering we are all individual. We are a fully inclusive school and recognise and celebrate everyone’s similarities and differences.


Our school aims are:

  1. For children to feel safe and secure, have high self-esteem, be confident in learning from their mistakes and equally valued, and enjoy school.
  1. For staff to plan a rich, relevant, broad and balanced curriculum based on children’s interests and needs.
  1. To ensure children are well taught and experience success, irrespective of their abilities. A high priority is placed on children’s abilities to read, write and be numerate.
  1. To ensure children are equipped with the skills to learn independently and also to work and play             co-cooperatively.
  1. To provide a stimulating learning environment for children.
  1. To promote positive, supportive and co-operative relationships between and among staff, children, parents and the wider community.

Equality Statements

1. To narrow the gap between boys and girls writing across the school.

2. To reduce prejudice and increase understanding of equality through
the direct teaching across the curriculum.

3. To promote cultural development and understanding through a rich
range of experiences both in and beyond school for all stakeholders.

Equalities Policy 

British Values

We support the British Values agenda here in school and develops children understanding of them, through the curriculum, special days, celebrations and acts of Collective Worship. Also by being positive role models for all our children in school we promote tolerance, empathy, positive values and compassion.